Meditation newbie - to reduce stress

Okay so I have been having some stress lately that has been causing me anxiety. My work stress has been bleeding into my mental health these past few weeks so I am trying to meditate to alleviate the stress .

Should I listen to the same meditation? I did find one that I like that is about 20 minutes long.

How often should I play this meditation? Daily? Multiple times per day.

What if I feel like it only helps for a short amount of time. How do I know its working?

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Hey! If you found one that you like then I would say start there…go with what works​:+1:t2: once a day would be a great start, you could always do it twice in a day if you’re really drawn to it. Don’t worry about the what if’s or what could’s…just commit for sitting down for that time, some days it will feel nice, others it will be tedious, boring and aggravating. After meditating for a long time I can say comfortably that BOTH are still meditating, and BOTH are of value. Just relax, you’re doin fine :heart:

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