Hello all,
I really want to get into meditation.
I have tried a few books and apps but I have not found any I could really get into.
Can someone help me with some suggestions?


Insight timer is a meditation app with thousands of free meditations by different instructors. There are short, long, guided, music meditations, for stress, anxiety, recovery, sleep…everything!


Its crazy how many meditations are on there, I keep wondering how it’s free :joy:

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I have been using Headspace this past week. I really like it. Especially if you are new to meditation.


I would encourage you to consider taking a 10 day vipassana course at some point. It’s pretty intensive, but the benefits can be tremendous. It has helped me. In fact I first quit using in my twenties for 3 years as a result of following that lifestyle.

Cheers on your path of discovery!!!

I just finished “The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation” it’s by William Heart, really eye opening stuff. It follows the teachings of S. N. Goenka, and of course the proper practicing of the Vipassana Meditation method.

I’ve been using Insight timer every day for 468 days - a huge part of my sobriety program! So many options and I’m not much into apps.


Agree! Great app.

I especially love the Sleep meditations on Insight timer.

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Insight Timer is great. I would suggest Tara Bach or Joseph Goldstein as a teacher to start with. But, everyone connects with a different tracher so just try a few. :grinning:

Take a look at Joe Dispenza’s work. It’s pretty interesting.