Meetings for Special Needs

My sponsor hosts a meeting on Zoom. She is the Special Needs coordinator for Southern NJ, Area 45. We meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:30 pm. The meetings are open to people with special needs/disabilities who can’t get to regular meetings. She just started them so the group is small but it will grow. It does not matter what your special needs are. All are welcome. The meeting I.D. is 690 393 7306 password: Area45. We look forward to seeing you there!


Did you want this in the Seeking Help category? That is an opt in category for when people are drinking / intoxicated / using, so not that many people will see it.

Happy to move it if you would like. Just let @moderators know.

Thanks!! :heart:

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@moderatoers the meetings are for people who have disabilities like mobility issues etc. We will continue using Zoom for meetings even after lockdown is lifted and physical meetings resume. It does not matter what the disability (special needs) are. I have mobility issues, another has issues with leaving the house, another has anxiety issues so I don’t think it belongs here. Would you please move it to a better place so people will see it. We not only want to have meetings for special needs people, we want to try to help out in other ways not yet determined.

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@Sassyrocks thanks for your help. I wondered why I got so little attention to this.

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Happy to help!! :heart: