Meltdowns and Uncertainty

I’m 30 days clean from cocaine and I feel like my emotions are out of control. I’m a very mellow easy going person. Recently I’ve been having… quite frankly meltdowns and I cant seem to maintain my bearing. Has anyone experienced this? Does it get better after this chapter?

I don’t know your individual situation, but for me when stopping alcohol/cocaine nothing that came after was directly related to the substances. But from pressure/stress of now being in a position where I have no excuses, I have to change my life now, be a normal person etc etc. This is all positive stuff, but it’s easy to heap too much pressure on yourself over it.

Honestly the thing that made the whole process quite simple for me is mindfulness. Learning about your thoughts, how to process them, not let them get on top of you to which they cause stress.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (can get therapy or simply read/audiobooks) and meditation have been key. I also wrote down a load of notes pin pointing certain negative thought patterns I have which I read when need be!


Have u got ca meetings in your area ? Maybe give them a try x

You’re so right. I literally just finished speaking with a friend who said the same thing. This is me feeling stress and pressures with no escape. I’m definitely making some serious changes which has helped. I didn’t realize how much I was putting up with and simply getting high about it instead of moving on. Thank you for your zen :pray:t4:


Mindfulness was the way forward. Thank you for the gentle reminder to remain mindful. Your words are soul gold.