Memes thread


Or you’re just sober, lol.





“Irregardless”…the non-word that is like an ice-pick in my eye. When I hear it, I feel it tavel from my auditory nerves, to my occipital bone, and I feel the explosive force begin to build.



Yeah…kinda gonna have to disagree with Readers Digest there.

without paying attention to the present situation; despite the prevailing circumstances.
"they were determined to carry on regardless"
synonyms: anyway, anyhow, in any case, nevertheless, nonetheless, despite everything, in spite of everything, even so, all the same, in any event, come what may;

adjective & adverbinformal

If “irregardless” is a synonym for “regardless”, is “Irregular” a synonym of “regular”? No. it means “not regular”. The “Ir” modifies the root. So how can Irregardless and Regardless be synonyms, when Ir modifies “regardless” to mean “not regardless”?


Firstly, the author of the article should prolly literally conversate with nother person in order to orientate his gionormus ego to understand that irregardless of his fancy education (and his humongous student debt) that real people are gonna use these words and that maybe his writing would be more impactful if he snuck some of these in from time to time even if it madded others. But anyways…


Ok…I literally shot carbonated water through my nose. I can report that it is neither refreshing or desirable, but I am still laughing and choking.


Yes…Well said :joy:


Ha! And why Reiterate when you can just Iterate. And every person interviewed by BBC Radio 4 answers EVERY question by saying ‘So…’



@Yoda-Stevie @DowntroddenGoat @Charlesfreck the things that drive me mad (but I am too upset to talk about) :roll_eyes::rofl:

Or is it: I am too upset about to talk about :thinking::roll_eyes:





I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier.
I’ve got ham, but I’m not a hamster.
I’ve got art, but I’m not a jam tart.
Courtesty of the web. And a band.



Haha! I go to planet fitness, they also have bagel Tuesday’s once a month…and tootsie rolls at the front desk at all times.


Sounds sort of counterproductive. I’d be the guy on the stationary bike with a bagel in one hand and tootsie roll on my face…lol!


Hahaha LOVE this thread!