Metal Thread


These guys have been right there with me through so many major life changes (figuratively). Chino’s voice always makes me feel grounded. I was actually looking up another video to post and this came up on the sidebar (I’ve only watched it a million times lol). Love this one.





Had this on in the car yesterday. My son (who is a year and a half) was singing along in the backseat. Of course he was just kinda singing “la la la la la” lol but it was so adorable. :blush:

The mental struggle is real today


Man I’m surprised that no one thought to post this song yet (myself included)! So good. Love Ministry.

Also, stay strong! You can do this!


Sometimes being sober makes me feel like this. Although to be honest I’ve always felt like this. Just not around my friends :disappointed_relieved:. Sucks.


Something old school from the crusty demons of dirt soundtrack


Those movies were great



Totally forgot about this one.

"If dysfunction is a function
Then I must be some kind of genius"



I think this song may have been posted before, but it’s definitely a good one for today!




I saw Primus a few times and they were soooo good live!