Metal Thread


seeing these guys tomorrow night :smiley: :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


Nice! Love Devildriver. Never seen them live though. These guys are doing a North American tour in spring and I want to try to go. So epic!


Hell yea! Type O is awesome. Been listening to pallbearer check their new album heartless!


Seeing these guys shred live tonight


Any Between the Buried and Me fans out there?


Saw them a few years back in Charlotte. Good stuff


I barely remember them from Monday in Montreal… That’s pretty much why i’m back here. It’s nice and encouraging to see other metalheads on their way to a healthier life. Have a great night!!


Not metal more punk (I’m a punk) but I am fucking unstoppable!


This band… :purple_heart:


Throne-Bring me the Horizon


my favorite songs by Stone Sour, my favorite artist (Corey Taylor), and the most fun song to play on guitar ever


Check this out if your into black metal. One of the best BM albums out there imo


“Grand canyon, a space in time universal”


There’s nothing like cranking some Gojira on a dreary day :heart:


Same. I used to LOVE Otep but then I got over them. Still love this track though


seeing these guys for the second time this friday night.


Here’s a band I just checked out, they are truly amazing!! Some tech/Brutal death


DOWN are a band I seem to turn to when I feel down (haha, unintentional I swear) in the dumps


Yes sir. I love them. Funny how I got into them too. Back in 2002-2004 I was getting into a emo phase. Bought a CD that came with a sampler. On it was Shevanel Take 2, which was similar to whichever album it was I had purchased, may have been Glasseater. I dug the track and me being the music whore that I am I purchased The Silent Circus later. At this moment in time I knew Nothing of them other than the fact that they were on Victory. Had NEVER heard anything else by them. So you can imagine my surprise when I popped that record into my CD player as I left Best Buy. The record eventually grew on me though, and I really started to dig their sound. I listen to them fairly regularly now.