Metal Thread


These guys put on an amazing live show.



Just listened to this song a couple days ago lol


Wich one? Lol


Doomsday by architects, good song.


i just discovered that band, i cant stop listening lol naysayer is prob my fav song so far


I’m not sure if I’ve heard that song by them. I saw them in 2009 when they were coming out with there hollow crown album. They played with BMTH, The Bronx and one other band lol great show.


From one of the greatest metal bands ever from their best album!


Just looked up their touring schedule going to have to check them out in Feb when they come to chicago! lol


Lol nice they are definitely worth seeing.


Just found these guys, this is one of there softer songs.
Much needed after a very unenjoyable day of work.


Another band I’m hearing for the first time today. Kicks in at about 1:45 lol



I was sat on the bus yesterday rocking out to Rob Zombie Dragular :metal:


Hey all…checkin in. Having a shit day/week - or rather - my patience keeps getting tested. So yea…mood:


I hear ya, that was me all last week, music always helps lol


@JaredW don’t know if u knew about this thread or not


@Steve92 this is awesome! I didn’t know about this haha I’m still new to Sober Time and everything it has to offer… this is great!


One of my favorite Alexisonfire songs


seeing these guys in may!