Metal Thread


Great band. Great show(s).


My feelings today…


You lucky sob. I heard the new album is coming out 2099


Perfect circle is also playing the festival. So I get to see Maynard twice in 2 days haha


Love this video


Agreed haha been a while since I’ve listened to that song.


Love them!



Good song, I like the lyrics.


Here’s one I haven’t heard in a while lol


Just watched Resovoir Dogs


First show of 2018 is going to be CRAZY Seeing them tonight haha anyone else know these dudes?


OMG I’m sure their live show is awesome. So jealous! Love these guys!


Great thread! Not sure if this fits here but I find straight edge bands are great in keeping the motivation going, into Minor Threat these days (lyrics included):


Love type o. I usually listen to and am inspired musically by bands like archspire. When it comes to other aspects I would have to to six am life is beautiful is a good song to listen to even though they are not technically metal.


Seeing these guys tonight for the fist time with born of osiris


ABR is so damn good! They’re playing Nashville in a few weeks, still undecided about going, afraid I will regret it if I don’t go though.

What’s your opinion on the Phantom Anthem vs. Constellations vs. Messengers debate? I personally like Constellations the best, but that was the first album I heard by them.


Mariana’s Trench is my favorite song by them, that whole album is great. I think Phantom Anthem is a great album though! I just listened to the whole album last night while reading the big book, I dont really think they have come out with a bad album, although i never really digged their christmas covers haha


Hells yeah! Mariana’s trench, whitewashed are some goodies.


I love TON!