Metal Thread


Anything that is Lifelover is great. Konkurs is my favorite album by them. A lot of their subject matter revolves around mental illness, addiction, and misanthropy. It’s depressingly hopeful and beautiful. Very eclectic, too. HIGHLY recommended!!!


Down makes me want to get trashed. :confused:


I relate to this song a lot.


I pretty much listened to lifelover during my teens. Even now in my twenties. Good band


I love some Car Bomb!


That’s a shame. They’re so good!


I know! NOLA is a masterpiece.


That’s definitely one of my favorites too. Beauty in Tragedy is my all time favorite, it definitely isn’t their most technical but it hits me on a personal level. You’re right about them not releasing a bad album. I dig the Xmas record for during the holidays


Yeah, I pretty much listen to Down daily haha.
Pulver is probably the album I listen to the most by Lifelover. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite though





These guys know how to rage.


Good one! havnt listened to them in a while.


digging this band a lot lately. Stitch is another goody by them.


I dig it. I’ve come across them on some Spotify playlists a few times.



Just hit some Sex Pistols. Thank You Johnny Rotten.



Sepultura/Fudge Tunnel collaboration. :heart: