Metal Thread


I’ve been jamming these guys pretty hard today


I will look into that right now. On a long walkabout. Really digging archspire, necrophagist and spawn of possession lately



That’s awesome. Erlend caspersen the bass player for spawn of possession is damn good. On the subject of bass players if you happen to play Jared Smith of archspire actually does bass lessons via Skype. I try to fit one or two in a month.


My hands don’t work for that haha. That was a good jam, thrashy old feel to me. Beat changes, time signature whatever the word is, I likey


There from the late 90s. Definitely a lot of beat changes and tempo changes. If your ever looking for something different hit me up on this private messager thing. I’m always looking for something different and unique


The new Portal record Ion is amazing!


I’m going to check it out right now


I mostly listen to alot of old death metal, black metal, noise, drone.


I still listen to the old death metal. So Portal very cool stuff. Like the dark tones and dissonant (notes that clash) sounds.


What do u think


I will listen when i get off and report, cell phone music is the pits


I liked it. Reminds me of The Faceless, Born of Osirus


Mudvayne - do what you do. My favorite band of all time there so good and they have really helped me get through hard times


Me likey



Idk if you are near any of these cities but im deff going when this show hits chicago. Love me some volumes and Rings of Saturn. Dont like Atilla so much haha


They got a Phoenix date. Yasss. Rings of Saturn is good stuff. Pandora been giving me a lot of old faves. Infant Annhilator and stuff.

\m/ nothing like a good breathless circle pit