Metal Thread


Damn 80 days today. I’ve been so busy lately I almost forgot. Anyway check this out when u can.


80 days! Congrats! Almost the big 90.

I will peep this right now


“We have the power to heal ouuurrrsseeelllvvveesss”


Been jamming this bass into the good part of the day. Great stuff.


He looks like a caveman cheerleader



Idk. Because who doesn’t listen to slayer on Sunday.


Love that perspective. “When it starts getting in the way of you ruling the world that’s when you gotta go ‘pfft that’s the end of this.’”! :joy:


Whatchu got against cavemen bub… We are a proud bunch


Lol just sayin…


They may hate to be called metal but… makes u realize your not the only one with damaged goods.


Cannibal corpse is awesome. As far as purists are concerned they should be worshipping the ground these guys walk on. American death metal wouldn’t be what it is today without cannibal corpse


That goes without saying. Alex Webster is a beast on bass and the master of 3 finger technique. Check out his stuff with blotted science.


Thanks I’ll check them out



Thought it was Beethoven’s moonlight sonata at first


That whole album is spectacular.


Love. This.


Definitely going to check it out


Awesome stuff. I love that instrumental metal jam stuff. Check out spastic ink if you get a chance they’re one of my favorites