Metal Thread


God I love that jam. Like classic rock for us folks now


love where this thread has gone in the last 9 days


Hell yes. Full array of metal.


looks like i need to get back at it. i think i have just the song. no not aerosmith back in the saddle again lol


I actually like that jam lol.


listening to amazing right now lol


8 more days till i get in the pit for SLAYER, lamb of god, behemoth, testament and anthrax <3


Hell yeah to that’ll be a great show


i am beyond stoked lol gonna be right up front!


That’s the way to do it. That’s where I was for archspire who is my all time favorite. Was watching Jared the bass player the whole set. After there set I got to meet him and now take lessons to learn the art and techniques of extreme metal. Cool dude.



Here’s something I like…


Jeff hughell is f**king amazing on bass.


So I never actually watched any Mastodon videos but lately I’ve been checking out Two Toe Tags metal reviews on YouTube and they had one. I had no idea what I was missing! Their videos are awesome (and usually pretty funny)!


Guys I’ve been super into Wardruna lately. Definitely more folk than metal (despite having Gaahl in the band!) but so good. Their music always makes me feel so focused and centered.






My man buckethead dudes sick on a guitar all instrumental check it out!