Metal Thread


In the great metal gig in the sky. Gave me goosebumps, damn I’m getting sentimental.


Lemmy on bass and vocals


This song is so damned good.


Which one? Nevermore?


Ah, yes. Nevermore. I’ve always loved the solo in that song.


That whole album is tits. Dead Heart in a Dead World. He has such a cartoonish evil villain voice and I love it.



thanks for the concern. it means a lot.


Absolutely. How you been bro?


So fast, so heavy, so br0000tal


Kiiiiiiillllller track. I always dug Finite. Probably my favorite from them.


That video has everything you want from a metal video, including Stone Cold Steve Austin shredding lol


been rough but I made it out check out my earlier post i’m back love the origin song by the way great live.


Good days and bad days are always better sober. Glad your making it dude.


thanks man how have you been. time to get tech death rolling on this post again lol.


I’m pretty good. Just living the dream. Back into my car audio hobby and sweatin balls installing stuff


thats cool. how do u set the tone on ur eq? personally I boost the mids then adjust my bass slightly and split the difference on the high end.





Dethklok, some of my favorite work out music!