Metal Thread


Dethklok is soooo metal. Like metal for metal’s sake lol.

My tuning is very simple right now. Just running a 3 way passive crossover with 12db slopes at 550hz, 550-5.5khz and 5.5khz up. My old ass Alpine only has a 5 band parametric eq but I have a newer more capable Pioneer due to arrive any day. As of now I have the 63hz-500hz with a slight bump and leave the rest alone. Next step is to get a full standalone DSP and ditch the xovers. Full control over input gains, 31 bands of eq per driver, time alignment for each driver, can play with xovers and slopes for each driver as well. I’ll use a calibrated mic and REW for a baseline then tinker with the eq to suit my likings. Can’t wait lol like a giddy child.


had to read that twice cuz I started drooling lol. that sounds like a sweet set up your getting. I’m very basic and work with what I’ve got, again very basic, just a simple pioneer that allows to customize my own eq to my liking. bump the bass a little boost the midrange cuz thats the level the ear actually hears the most of and split the difference in my hi end so thinks dont get lost in the mix. a little different prospective, but it works for me. even set my bass rig about the same.


I hear ya. I went with 3 ways this time, having a dedicated 3" mid makes a huge difference in the snap and clarity. By far the best system Ive compiled yet. I’ve been working on the install too, $500 speakers can sound like $5 speakers when not mounted correctly. Heavy doors lots of butyl based deadener, layered with vinyl, mounted on rings(cutting boards from Walmart lol) with butyl rope under and around the ring.

Can’t wait to get the actual DSP, gonna be sitting in the carport with the computer for hours lol


I understand that I spent 3 hours or better trying to perfect my bass sound and its still not 100% where I want it I’m looking into getting a darkglass b7k ultra or the alpha omega ultra. both crazy expensive as far as bass petals are concerned but very good sounds. any way hit me up tomorrow im on vacation all week. dont be afraid to private or direct message or what ever they call it on here.


The art of sound is an expensive habit lol. Much more affordable sober.

Alright man, have a safe night


Sound is so expensive.

I wish I could say a cheaper cello sounds as good as an expensive one–but oh the difference is night and day and the feeling is like comparing burlap to silk.


Absolutely night and day. A lot can be done to make something cheap sound better, but it’s like lead and gold. When you start with gold, it’s easier to work with, not corrosive and looks nicer lol


morning all


you play cello thats awesome I did an arrangement of Bach’s prelude to suite no1 for six string bass in g major. was a pretty good undertaking.


not even close to metal but an artist is an artist


Thug luv til I die. Love me some Pac


u sure we weren’t separated at birth lol.


If we were he got all the brains and good looks lol.



Oh wow, I bet! It sounds wonderful though on a guitar. I found a clip of someone on youtube. :slight_smile:




not me but this is what im shooting for


So beautiful, like a lullaby! :raised_hands:


Takes me back