Metal Thread


I’m not a diehard fan either…but they sure make my spotify list with some of their better songs…I love In your Face, Hate me, Morrigan…etc…great workout music…plus having the best guitar player in the world doesn’t hurt their cause


I happen to think Devin Townsend is ze best.


I’m not just saying…Alexi has won the title TWICE


Ehhhh. He’s good. I still prefer Dev lol


He’s only penetrated My tight filter with Addicted :yum:


A nice piece of music right there. I’m a fan of all his stuff. From working with Steve Vai, Punky Brewster, SYL, DTB. He’s also a great music producer. Ziltoid the Omniscient is just a masterpiece lol.

Devin has battled addiction of many forms, and mental health issues. His music touches my soul.


I should educate myself more on his work


Because I hope we can all be this cool when we are old and decrepit. :raised_hands::heart:


Anyone like Amorphis?


I dig that jam. Very melodic.

Got everything a metal video needs. Warehouse. Hair. Fire. Flannel. Head banging. Contorted faces of ecstasy while playing guitar.

I like pretty much anything I’ve heard from Nuclear, but I’m easy to please lol.


This is the latest single…first one of the new album…I love it


all their albums are based on this book:


I’ll check that other jam on my layover on the other side.

That looks cool, folklore is full of inspiration.


I’m pretty picky about my metal. I do love me some Power Metal tho


Then you must be a Man O War


My boyfriend said the best support mantra to me:

“If James Hetfield can get sober and stay sober, so can you.”


To which you’re reply should be

“Yyyeeeaaaaahhhh” in that classic Hetfield voice lol.





If you got the time…check this out…and decide for yourself is this a documentary or a mockumentary.

subtitles in english