Metal Thread




hang in there


Not really metal but i used to be really into three days grace as a teenager. Have gotten back into them as some of there new stuff is pretty catchy tbh lol



Theres no way im not catching these guys at the house of blues next month w the acacia strain


Spamming the Metal Thread tonight.


RAGE, I will put this all back inside of me
ghosts of my past lift me up, carry me through blinding night
RAGE, find me beneath the iron mines, below 10,000 lakes, find me beyond the pines

now face your back to the storm, forget the shelters you would seek before
let your feet hit the ground, don’t look back to where the siren sounds


Holy Sh*t they sound AMAZING live


Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name (lyric video)

Rivers of Nihil are one of my new favorites! :black_heart:


Came on Pandora. I like it.

@Steve92 after the burial is pretty dope, I like their station.


The whole album is amazing. Got the love the sax on some of the songs


RIP Jill Janus


Metal for metal’s sake. Morning folks.


Good morning. Feeling a little more on the extreme side today


Something a little lighter…


Zakk Wylde is classic.


“Life’s fucking tough now go make my sandwich”


156/Silence - “Undercover Scumbag”



One of my favorite Origin jams. The guitar work in this song is incredible.


And you can’t deny Mike Flores bass work. The dude is beast.