Metal Thread


My brother sent me this this morning. I don’t know how I lived without it.


Saw Author and Punished at SXSW a couple years ago. Very cool.


Not what I was expecting. But turned out wayy better then I thought


Someone posted a pantera vid and said sorry this one is pretty old. That makes me sad. To me that is the “newer stuff”!


I’m just gonna leave this here:


Their version of Thunderstruck is cool!


@CaptAZ Dude…I’m listening to Devin again…Hyperdrive…awesome…Not sure what this Ziltoid thing is all about though…but anyways…shout out to MR.Awesome


Ziltoid is a puppet that Devin imagined, and he made a concept album about it lol. It’s about coffee! ZTO II did not tickle my fancy as much.



Are there any Pantera fans here??





Hi there, it helps me too. I like, hard rock, Marilyn Manson, and my fav genre is grunge. I’m happy to share with you here. Like the vid by the way.


Thanks for posting. I have been in to heavy rock for years. I listen to a lot of older uk metal bands. Iron Maiden are touring this year and I will be in the mosh pit!!!


I’m so stoked!!!



Haiduk - Exomancer (2018)


I totally had missed this one…and now I found it…so cool


@Matthew88 Holy balls Batman, look at that lineup!!! Looks like I need to plan a roadtrip in May haha! :metal:t2:


The more sobies the merrier! I’ve Got a friend flying in from Cali to check it out with me. Never seen Tool


“Why cant we learn from the plague that surrounds us? a glance at you and me… learn from my mistakes”