Metal Thread


awesome song…awesome band…I wish Phil would get his shit together




Released today, 49 years ago. Thanks Alex Trebec.


What a great album even today. Just the opening bells get you going. However Master of Reality has to be my favorite. So heavy. The tom roll in Children of the Grave was the best thing I’ve heard!


We always used to cover children of the grave in a band I was in high school. Love it


Guys I need a guitarist who understands theory!

I’ve never been one to worry too much about modal scales but I’m stumped at something and need a hand. I understand theory ‘essentially’ but have always been one to just play and never really applied it.

So I’ve written a song. The rhythm section is basically a G min, C5, G5 with a simple recurring finger picking technique using G minor as its…root so to speak. Ive written two solos for it, one using the mixolydian mode and another using phrygian and at one part, it hybrids. Not being a master of hybrids or phrasing between the two, to make it flow, would it be nicer on the ear to shift the rhythm diatonically and switch modes between resting or is there a magical formula that i’ve not heard of that can easily marry the two modes together? Does this make sense or am I talking bollocks again? Haha!



To all happy headbangers

Bang Your Head


Try using Hungarian minor. You might be happy with what you come up with.


@DresdenLaPage let me know how that worked out for you. If you need any more help feel free to ask.


I’ve just been watching a video about that. So its basically a harmonic minor with a raised 4th? I use these shapes quite often, I had no idea it was called Hungarian minor… But yeah its pretty close to what I’m playing in that particular solo I wrote so i’ll see if I can apply it to marry up the two. I also dropped the tuning down to E flat so the transition isnt as sharp. After watching the video I was thinking to try and marry them up with some arpeggios -I’ll give it a go, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:




A friend of mine introduced me to this is sixth form. I wasn’t able to find it anywhere for nearly 10 years. This track is BADASS!!


Sensing a theme for my day working at home…first 3 spins of the day. “Blizzard Of Ozz” waiting on deck…


Sabbath yeah!!!


New Diamond Head video dropped today. I’m digging it.


Timeless stuff. Can listen to their first 5 albums over and over, still just as fresh as it was the first time I heard them 15-20yrs ago.
Whenever I listen to their first album, especially, it just blows me away that something like that came out in 1969/1970, on the heels of peace and love


T’was what I cut my musical teeth on. I think Paranoid was one of my dad’s first albums I listened to. That and Budgie. Never turn your back on a friend. Great examples of what is a great genre