Metal Thread


Welcome to the metal thread @Mark_88!


I’d also like to invite @carmen071 and @Dclean to join us. We need some punk, grunge, riot grrrl videos on here too!


I hope this works I don’t really know how to post links here


Okay cool :sunglasses:


OMG I love L7! I just took my best friend to see them last year on their first tour in like 15 years!


Bleed the pigs…I love seeing women in hardcore/metal/rock especially WOC, this chick is boss


Yes! Me too.


Alexi Void (lead singer of Go Like Hell) was my inspiration for the hawk. I had a pretty badass mohawk for about 4 years. :blush:


:slight_smile: nice @MissQuinn . I had hawks growing up, inspired by Wendy o. And Brody Armstrong


The queen–


For realz. Love her! So sad that she was struggling so much later in life.


One of my favorite movies. Love that Wendy was a vegan too. Didn’t find that one out till a couple years ago.



@MissQuinn Classic movie and lmao at the gif. YEP!!


Thx for the invite @MissQuinn! How about some Brody Dalle? I love her voice.


“You lived through hell
Now you’re trying to die
The skin is healed
But you’re bleeding inside”

Uh…yep. That’s what was happening when I was drinking.


seeing them in 2 weeks :smiley:


Feeling dark and crappy today guys. :unamused:

"I wanna live. I wanna love. But it’s a long hard road outta hell. You never said forever could ever hurt like this."


The Dickies covering Black Sabbath…for a little pep in your step today.:blush:


Some extra pep to get this day started. :blush: