Metal Thread


I saw them once when I was 18. I ended up getting elbowed in the head and knocked out cuz I was being a drunk fool lol only song I remember them playing was walk with me in hell. Looking forward to remembering a full set lol



I’ve been meaning to post these for a while. I find it very inspirational. @Leelee77 the first one is what I was talking about the other day.



@Steve92 oh man I haven’t listened to those guys in forever! Reminds me of my sophomore year of high school! Prepare for a flood of nostalgia!





@Steve92 Dubstep and metal? Lol I guess it was bound to happen. I like when bands blend genres though.


Have you ever heard these guys? Reggae metal!!!


lol it sounds like if Korn was from Jamaica


That art style is fucking awesome


Great great song
One of my go to bands


I saw uncle acid and the deadbeats few months back and they put on such a great show!!! With the shrine


Thanks for sharing!! Major clutch fan… never heard this though,glad I have now though


Have you ever heard the melvins cover the kiss song “goin’ blind” it is probably my favourite cover of all time. So heavyyy




IDK if this fits here, but I like it :slight_smile:


I’m PRETTY sure that fits haha. Welcome to the Metal Thread @Andy