Meth induced psychosis

My daughter seems to be suffering from drug induced psychosis but will not get help. My siblings think I should take her in my one bedroom apartment to help her. I have been called selfish and told I am putting myself first. She is 36 yrs old. She has been to numerous treatment centers. I will not do it. I myself have been sober 23 months.


I to have recently been struggling with meth induced psychosis. However you already know being I recovery yourself that you must put yourself first. I had 9 months and relapsed and I only stopped and came back when I decided I wanted to. I hope she finds help and I hope you both find peace. Be strong and help only in way you are comfortable with. I am 7 days today and I think I may be lucky and my symptoms may go away. I’ll prayer for you both.


Im sorry this is happening…
In my experience in the field and my personal opinion i feel that if she is not willing to stop than she would not do to well in your apartment.
Good luck and congratulations on your sobriety :upside_down_face:


Maybe try an al-anon meeting to get support in detaching with love?


Thank you everyone for your suggestions and support

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