Micro dosing

Has anyone try micr dosing to help with addictions?

Some doctors have has success with it, but the efficacy is definitely up for debate. But if you are doing it without a doctor then it’s just doing drugs


Hi there. I am not sure what that means, but here in Australia my Dr has prescribed me Diazepam for my sobriety. I have 5mg as needed (2hrly) for withdrawals but have only needed and used 5mg every couple of days.

It’s typically a term that people use in order to justify their use of hallucinogens. However some doctors use it to treat addiction. It’s fairly unproven and needs to be done in a highly controlled setting to be effective.

*it means taking small doses of lsd or mushrooms. However it’s nearly impossible to control dosages outside of a clinical setting


Lots of research is going into that. Seen to improve a lot of mental health issues too.

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I feel like there’s a lot of potential if it’s done clinically. Most people don’t go that route however


In true micro dosing the amounts administered are actually, well… micro.
You cannot accurately achieve these dosage levels yourself. Impossible.
Trying to do it yourself is just doing drugs, as @Englishd pointed out.


I was given micro dosing Psilocybin pills from a buddy of mine over a year ago who said it helped him with anxiety and depression. I being an alcoholic, took the pills like any good alcoholic would. I Had all the pills at once, had a mild experience, left me wanting more. I didn’t use them the right way or for the right reason. My alcoholic mind wouldn’t allow me to. So I stay away from the stuff like any other mind altering substance.


Not a believer in micro dosing simply because it’s ineffective

Every drug has a therapeutic dosage to achieve desired results, in the cases of prescribed medications to treat a patient

Example I used to take adderall, for adhd. I was prescribed 25 mg for effective dosage, at 50mg I achieved the high speed my balls off effect,

At 10mg it had no effect for me,

Micro dosing in my research has been a placebo at best.

Disclaimer not a doctor, do not pretend to be one on TV, and I did not sleep at a holiday inn express last night however as a former paramedic I did take alot of pharm classes, and read a lot of medical studies


I did microdosing of psilocybin while sober, at around 5 years, to see if it would help with anxiety and depression. At the time it felt Ike nothing but in hindsight I think it opened some things up emotionally. Hard to explain but I do think it was a positive impact.

HOWEVER …. It made me more interested in the power of psychedelics which opened me up to the possibility of taking full doses “for medicinal purposes”. So I started to explore that interest. Eventually I thought, well if I can do this from time to time and control it (which in reality I was doing it to escape a little and have a little buzz, hidden in the rationale that it was medicinal) then maybe I can have a drink. And that eventually resulted in a full relapse on my drug of choice and worse.

One thing to note is that I was sourcing the substances. It was not overseen by a professional. Maybe it’s different if being supervised.

With all of that said, I would caution to it. If you’re truly looking to do it to help yourself and you can have it monitored by a doctor or validated healer, then maybe it’s worth a shot IF you’ve really tried other solutions. Also, can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly say you want to do these substances to heal or might you be looking for another way to catch a buzz. I know microdosing doesn’t catch you a buzz but it could open doors.

That’s what I learned from my experience. Good luck!


Could you be more specific. How would microdosing help with addictions? If it’s help. Then it must be for some problem etc. What problem would micro dosing fix?
Is it to help with cravings or something?

My experience is that our problem is not the drug or alcohol or self harm or binge eating or gambling or sex etc…what ever one might be addicted to. Our problem is the reason why we feel the need to escape into above mentioned things. I would like to understand what would micro dosing do to solve the actual issue that we’re dealing with?


Started Michael Pollen’s documentary last night as I find his writing and research really well done. It was interesting how much psychedelics were used prior to 1965 to treat mental illness and addiction. Specifically LSD. He mentioned that Bill W’s spiritual awakening occurred under LSD administrated by a doctor. Regardless, I am glad they are researching it.


True. True.


Hey, so when people talk about “micro-dosing” what they are referring to is new studies that have been where very, very low doses of psilocybin (magic mushrooms), lsd or other hallugenic compounds are ingested. Low enough that there is no trip, psychological effects and barely any side effects felt. Basically it’s like using these meds at doses that they work kinda like a novel anti-depressant. These drugs work on multiple neurotransmitters and pathways in the brain which caused a happier mood and under higher doses altered perceptions. But like someone previously said trying to do this yourself would be pretty difficult. You rarely get something that you really know the purity off or have the capability to measure such small doses accurately yourself. That kinda scale isn’t cheap. You could probably just search for studies and just wait until you can enroll in one.

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I agree @Englishd no judgment intended. Just yesterday a former gf who I remain close to was telling me as soon as she stops working in a few months she is going down that road. She has already collected her"shrooms". I guess I have mixed feelings about it just know it’s not for me.