Mix of emotions

Sad,Regret,Hopeless,bored (of how life is going) these are some words I wrote when I tried to describe whet I had felt just moments ago. It started when I failed and it made me feel like everything except my own plans should be ignored (Activities with friends, School homework, Chores, ect)

That is a dumb thought, maybe I couldn’t let go of my mistake, maybe it’s the dark side~ making reasons, I don’t really know what is causing it. However now that I got myself working on my homework it’s gone, maybe I just need a purpose, a goal that can be done immediately in that moment?

I’m confused, maybe someone know more about this? ‘_’

You night want to consider working the 12 steps. They help you understand your emotions and feelings…


Well that got me interested on steps that’ll allow self help for addiction, and I actually found one. Sadly there’s no 12 steps programs or similar programs I knew of but thanks for pointing me at the right direction.

Posted the NA step working guide on here.
Don’t get chased ofby the god-part, anything can serve that part. Many consider the AA or NA group their higher power.

But have a look at the step 4 part, I’m working it myself and helps me understand myself a lot better :+1:

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