Money saved.... treats?

I’ve saved $215 in the past 20 day’s I been alcohol free! I work 12 hour shifts a day and decided to do something FOR ME!! I awarded myself with a pedicure… Feels AMAZING to be taking a STEP in the right direction for once in my life… urges are vaguely there… but I am going to keep beinf stronger than ever!! Have you awarded yourself with money saved for NOT buying booze or drugs?? If so what was it?? Post your pics and have an amazing Tuesday keep pushing and staying strong (VIRTUAL HUGS)


Congratulations!!! I did something similar. For me, 3 weeks was the longest I had gone in about the last decade without drinking (I did two sets of whole30 in two years…and while I made it the whole 30 days eating unprocessed food…both times I only made it three weeks without drinking) so…when I surpassed three weeks, I went and got myself a massage. It felt so good to do something for me that also helped manage stress induced cravings. So I bought one of those monthly package deals. The last time I went, I spent some time on the way there thinking about all of the positive Changes I was noticing through sobriety and made a conscious effort while I’m the waiting room to meditate and be fully present to enjoy this good thing I was doing for myself. It was a way to consciously deal w stress rather than not wanting to think and numbing it (with tons of wine and crappy food) I. Looking forward to my upcoming appointment! I think It will be right around day 100! :pray:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Wow day 100!! That’s awesome!! And a massage is sounds amazing too!! Definitely a stress relief!! That’s why I went for me feet lol… they were pounding!!! Better than me pounding those beers though!!! Keep on going strong!! I can’t wait to say I’m 100 days sober as well🤗

Well done!

Oh do let me know when you’re coming, if I’m free we can meet for a coffee and I can show you around.


In almost 11 months I have saved £2k at least. It paid for my ski holiday and my holiday to Ibiza in June.


Realizing that if I quit drinking I could take drum lessons is one of the things that pushed me to it. I can’t post a pic, but I bought myself a drum set and started taking classes. After some quick calculations I realized I was spending between 3000 and 7000 dollars a year on booze.


If you count missed days of work because you’re drunk, I’d be in the 10s of thousands of dollars.

Since getting sober over 500 days ago, we’ve not missed a single bill payment, bought 2 cars and I have a sweet stereo in my truck that I made myself.

Man sobriety rocks.


I included not just money saved on booze, but everything that went with it: being out, buying garbage food, etc. I laughed thinking the math was over-estimating but my bank account showed I really did spend an embarrassing amount (many thousands/year) drinking.

My first buy was a fancy electric kettle to enjoy my chamomile at night. I use the crap out of that thing.

Also had extra money to help out my mom, fly home for a family get together, and upgrade my camping equipment this year.

Money much better spent! :blush:

Next eyeing a nicer apartment with my own washer/dryer and better A/C. Quality of life for the win.


In 19+ months I’ve saved around $47,000. I haven’t had to steal in a long time


Did you ever finish the fiberglass speaker enclosure project ? We never seen a final product! Lol

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So many posts on threads like these just go to show me how much awesomer life is when I spend the money and effort I used to put into drinking into actually getting after life again.

Love it.


I’ve saved like $10K in a year and a half. Pays for my martial arts lessons, and my sweet garage dojo. Going to Israel next year to train for 10 days, prior to testing for my black belt.

Sober is better.


Uh yeaaahhh. I’m gonna have to redo the pillars, I like em on axis more than cross firing. The kick pods are excellent though. And I made a sub box for under my rear bench

Before I quickly painted them.
All in all, not bad.

Shit I never ever would have done as a drunk.


I am getting a new tattoo this Friday!!!


Awesome. What of?

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Yeah boooy…go big

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I was thinking of a compass and roses over my heart. As a reminder to remain true

I know what you mean! I have already had to adjust my settings a couple times because I was being a little too conservative with my daily spend numbers. I told my wife we are going to replace the old living room set she has been after me about for years, so already new furniture and a happy wife. I can get used to this!


I got myself a caddy.

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