Month in and exhausted 🥱

So I have 32 days booze free today and while I was feeling good and sleeping great, the last few days I’ve been exhausted, like I could just sleep and sleep. Just wondering if anyone else has been through this? Thanks :pray:t2: :heart:


Congrats on your 32 days :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes i have felt this i have had sleeping problens for a few years now though, it comes in waves either total insomnia for days at a time or needing lots of sleep.
I think changes in the weather contribute to this for me too.
If your able to, get the rest, your body must need it :+1:


Congrats my man. I got the same thing in my early days especially nightmares alwhere i woke up and was convinced i was drinking and hungover which kept me up for a few days. It was my body reacting to my very drastic change of lifestyle and my addictive mind was telling me i needed drink and drugs. Its food that you voiced this as its soooo common. AA and like minded people are very good

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Congratulations on your 32 days!! Yeah, it comes and goes in waves occasionally. My only advice would to be let yourself rest as much as you’re able, your body is still healing. For me personally, I lost a lot more time drunk and hungover then I did even when I fully indulged in rest in sobriety.

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Thanks everyone, good to know it’s normal. First time I’ve been normal in a while :joy:

Congratulations on ur sobriety! Like many others, i have experienced extreme fatigue also. I tend to experience it the most at milestones. So 30, 60, 90 days, 6 & 9 mths, and 1 year (altho i havent reached the 1 year mark yet but im prepared for it). I usually get very irritable & fatigued. So fatigued that all i wanna do is sleep. Where everything just takes so much energy to do. It has to do with PAWS. Othen than the milestones, i have experienced fatigue just from being exhausted from doing recovery work. Its hard work! Having that inner battle of addiction can be tiring. Self care is crucial & rest when u can. Ur doing amazing!

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I’ve heard about PAWS but don’t know much about it so that’s what I’m going to do tonight, thanks so much :heart:

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