More advice for music season

So if all goes well the live music scene may be starting back up this year. I stated earlier that I bought ticket for The Hog Farm Hangout in northern CA. scheduled in june 2021. Now before I got that ticket I was planning on a 3 day weekend of Widespread Panic in Napa CA. I have now found out that alot if my friends will be going to Napa. Which is great because a good majority of them are people I look up to towards my sobriety, although they are normals and will be drinking. I’m ok and comfortable with that. Problem is that my wife(or ex, still don’t know) is going. I don’t want to intrude on her party or make either one of us uncomfortable. We can try and avoid each other, but highly unlikely. Music is my therapy and really need some now. I m on the fence. It will have been almost a couple years since I’ve been with my friends when the shows happen. Gonna have to face the music(no pun intended) with situation with wife. I will be exactly 1 year sober at time of shows and would to celebrate it in Napa, ironic pun intended.
Just looking for some thoughts and feedback.
Love, music and heartbreak.

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The way I see it, no matter what you choose, its going to be uncomfortable. If you go, uncomfortable to be around your ex, if you don’t go, uncomfortable as you aren’t getting out there.

I suppose you’ll need to choose your “uncomfort”.

Can you ask your ex for her blessing to go, that way its not a surprise?

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If you want to go, rip off that band-aid and go

Your Wife will know what music means to you and who knows she may change her plans.
If its concerning you to the point you really need to know what’ll happen, speak to her, air it out, then either way you’ll know.
Dont overthink it.