Morning routine, never tell the first lie

Every morning I wake up and think about how lucky I am to be waking up with the chance of being sober and gamble free for another 24 hours.

I pray, thank God for my family and pray that I do thy will.

I also say the following - just for today I will not drink alcohol, just for today I will not gamble. I then also say just for today I will not lie.

I am a little over 700 days sober and gamble free and I can honestly say that not telling a lie is the most difficult part.

I believe it’s so important to be honest because I believe telling lies could take me back to alcoholism and compulsive gambling.

Alcoholics - never take the first drink, it’s the one that does the damage.

Compulsive gamblers - never place that first bet, it’s the one that does the damage.

Everyone - never tell the first lie!


I can soooo relate. I’m only 3 days clean but I’m looking back and the things I’ve had to lie about to save face is ridiculous.

I’ve gotten so good at lying, that even lying to myself is easy which is frightening!

Thank you for you’re post.!


Welcome @FreyjaHope! It’s good to see you here :wave: wishing you all the best on your sober journey, looking forward to reading more from you :slight_smile::hugs::two_hearts:

Hi welcome to the rabble we call family. Well done on your achievements.

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I’m find it fairly easy and very relieving to not be lying. Not that it’s anything to be proud of but most of what came out of my mouth when I was using was a lie. It just wouldn’t feel right to tell a lie now. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow your message is very profound and inspirational. Keep up the great work and may God bless you. :pray:

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Amazing - resonates with me

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Nice job on your two years!!! And great post, thanks for sharing!!

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I love this post.

In my very early days sober, I went to a meeting where an old timer said, “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.”

That was like this brain bending ah ha! for me. Feeling like I had discovered a profound, life changing secret to the universe, I went home and shared this nugget of wisdom with my husband.

His confused (and normie) response was, “Well…yes.”

Realized even more in that moment that I am suuuuch an alcoholic.