Mornings hangover free!

Mornings are a fresh and beautiful reminder of being drink and drug free… Turns out im an early bird and mornings are my favorite part of the day… Hope everyone has a good and and productive morning as well.!


Ha me too, I wake naturally at about 6. Would have felt horrendous when I was drinking! I take time to stretch and run through a gratitude list , and ask for a little help from the spirit of the universe ( my higher power ). Admittedly it’s then 3 cups of coffee and several ciggies - but hey one thing at a time! I also love getting into bed with clean sheets, in drinking land I didn’t bother changing them very often, and was pissed so didn’t notice if I did.
Clean head on a clean pillow, bloody marvellous :smiley: :sunflower:


Ha, a lot of similarities to you @SallyD …3 cups of coffee to properly get going! And clean bed sheets…alcohol gave me night sweats towards the end. Do NOT miss that. :smiley:

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It’s the little things, isn’t it? I love getting up with the morning…peaceful and feeling good. Clean sheets, cups of coffee, nice shower with my favorite scents, talking to God, having gratitude, feeling hopeful with clarity.