Motivation, and making it worth it

My boyfriend was a heavy user of methamphetamine for a year and is almost 2 months sober. (:grinning: yay) Although, I’m struggling in helping him day to day. He was sober once, for almost 2 years. And lately he’s been really down and questioning his sobriety. Its hard I understand with the stress we have been under (new baby, me working all the time, etc) but being an addict myself I understand. Although, not everything works for everyone. I’m just wondering, what were some things others did for you or said that helped you through debating a relapse and just continuing to stay clean? I want to do all I can to make it easier for him. Unfortuantely the basic “you look, and physically feel more alive” isn’t enough like it was to me. Part of me knows the science behind his dopamine deficiency from the drug abuse is getting to him and I may not be able to help since I can’t change his brain chemistry. But anything helps.

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My close friends would tell me how proud they were of me when I stopped drinking for a long time. I would always say I would do it usually never make it very far. Now its different and very encouraging to stay strong when i know someone is noticing the effort I’m putting in and acknowlodging that. Also don’t be dramatic. I think a calm gf is crucial when going through this and if you guys fight it will make him want to relapse. But just keep being reassuring that he’s on the right path and it may be tough but its worth it in the long run.


My biggest and main motivator is my family. Once I realized my addicton was creating problems for my family it just clicked for me. I’m not everyone, and no one is me. But knowing you are responsible for the life of someone else and all of your decisions and actions have huge impacts on them can be a huge motivator. I wish you and him the best of luck, and remember, everything passes including those down times. Keep moving forward, one day and a time.

Rehab . AA MEETINGS are very usefull too. A sponsor.

A good meditation.

6 Phase Guided meditation on Youtube

by Vishen Likhani