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It’s natural to want to avoid difficult situations, stay in our comfort zone and stick with the status quo. New things are challenging and it feels easier to turn away from them. Sometimes though there is nowhere to turn. By learning to accept the situations that are in front of us, without judgement, we can begin to confront them, stepping outside our comfort zones and taking a new direction.




Good morning



Things are always changing. If we are always seeking pleasure or trying to avoid pain we are always wanting and we can never be happy. We can choose to accept things as they are: good, bad, always changing.



At times of uncertainty and instability, come back to the body and back to the breath. Breathe into your belly and ground through your feet as you breathe out. Think about the 1,000 year old oak tree, its roots firmly in the ground. It may get battered by a storm but once the storm passes it is still there standing strong.





Thanks for sharing this. This really helps me :+1: