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I just downloaded this app and saved this quote. It spoke to me so much as I recognised most of the description. 1 day sober so thank you for your posts.



Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.


Apparently today is World Mental Health day. Be kind to yourself, try to find acceptance for what you feel and don’t hide in shame and self-judgement. :pray:


Good morning.


Good morning


I was speaking to someone about this recently, how time seems to speed up as we get older. Apparently it is something to do with the fact that as children our experiences are new and the way our brain processes them means it feels like it takes longer. So maybe approaching each day with a sense of curiosity, looking for what we can learn, is one of the parts of unlocking that myth.


Good morning.


Love the zen story and activity in particular. Fits in well with some thinking I’ve been doing lately… It’s ok not to have a fixed plan, it’s more important to do the things you think are right.


I’m on that same path. Live and let live.



It’s good to be positive, but it doesn’t mean we get everything we want. Sometimes things are good, sometimes they aren’t. Accepting this allows us to move through the bad times and appreciate the good times.