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Our failures, disappointments and broken-ness are not things we should ignore or hide away from. They are all part of what makes us unique.



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We can observe our emotions without identifying them, e.g. instead of I feel anxious, there is anxiety. This can help create some space between challenging emotions, giving is the chance to step back and not get wrapped up in them in ways that don’t serve us.


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There was a longer quote on the meditation I listened to but to be honest that pretty much sums it up!




Meditation isn’t about what we gain. It’s about what we can let go of.


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By being flexible and accepting situations or circumstances we can’t change, we find peace.

She shared the story of a traveler who bumped into a shepherd and asked if they knew what weather was forecast. The shepherd said ‘the kind of weather I like’. Confused, the traveler asked how they knew they would like the weather. The shepherd responded ‘having found out that I do not always get what I like, I have learned to like what I get. So I am quite sure we will have the kind of weather I like.’


My motivational post. Why to NEVER drink again! We’ve all been some version of this:




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There’s a story about someone driving along, they are stuck behind someone driving erratically, speeding up, slowing down, indicating but not changing lanes etc. They notice a sign on the window ‘please bear with me, I’m learning how to drive a manual (stick)’. This makes them understand and feel a sense of empathy and compassion for the learner driver, they’ve been there too.

Most of the time people don’t have signs up explaining their behaviour, but if we really think about it we have all been that person doing something annoying at some point. By trying to relate to people we can react with compassion instead of impatience or frustration.