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Well timed for me. I have a meeting on Monday which could be a bit fraught. Will do my best to think of the gorillas!


We can protect ourselves from the hostility of others by creating space - physical or mental - from someone who is angry. We can help remove a sense of personal attachment to what is being said or done by recognising it as the product of anger, in the same way that we can do to stop getting swallowed up by our own emotions.

Checking in daily to help maintain focus

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When feeling stuck, taking time to pause, reflect and be calm can help us discover a path to take us forward.


“Be kind to yourself, enjoy the journey and remember that the way you walk the path is just as important as where it leads” Tamara Levitt


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My daily calm is also about acceptance. I suppose most things are one way or another!

We need to learn to deal with difficult situations, avoiding them will not make us happy. When things are going well, appreciate them but know things will change. When things aren’t going well, know that it won’t always be like this.



Happy thanksgiving.



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I love your daily posts. Thank you.


I’m not a massive fan of this quote, find it a bit cheesy, but the point is a good one. Before we can truly be compassionate to other must have compassion for ourselves. We often hold ourselves to a different standard to others. When we are feeling negative, rather than putting ourselves down, think about what we would say to one of our friends going through this situation, and say that.


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