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Good stuff man. Anything to help you through today


Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence, love that!

Haven’t posted for a few days but have been doing my Calm meditations :pray: Today’s was about how we are wired to dwell on the past and worry about the future, a really useful evolutionary trait to help identify threats but less useful in the modern world. Learning to recognise these behaviours and observe them without getting caught up, and getting clarity by being in this moment rather than getting caught up in the flow of thoughts.


This morning’s meditation was about gratitude. Happy people aren’t grateful - grateful people are happy. Take the time to recognise what you have and you will begin to notice more things to be grateful for.

Will be starting a gratitude journal each night to keep this going.






I started a gratitude journal yesterday, picking three things I’m grateful for. I have done it before and stopped because I ran out of good things to write about when I started feeling low. I will remember this next time, to look at the bad (or at least not just look for the explicitly positive things) to find my gratitude :+1:

Overslept again this morning so am late posting this but my meditation today was about indecision. How, while weighing up options and making informed choices is good, endlessly thinking about those choices can be stressful. When we make decisions it gives us good or bad outcomes - sometimes both. But by making them it allows us to move on and learn from the things that don’t turn out as we might have hoped.

I related this to my drinking problem, I was aware of it and thought about it a lot but didn’t do anything about it for a while, which made me feel even worse about myself. While it may have been wasted time it also allowed me to eventually come to a decision that I hope will take my life on a different path, whatever that looks like!


Didn’t save the picture but today’s meditation, will try and remember to download from Twitter later when it comes out. It was about coping with criticism.

Not all criticism is constructive, but we should use it as an opportunity to learn rather than dwelling on it or taking it too personally. When receiving criticism, take some deep breaths and be open to what is being said, listen. It’s ok to ask for some time and space to reflect before responding, if you have to respond. If any of the criticism rings true, think about it and work on it. If it doesn’t, let it roll over you.


Good morning everyone.


Hey @Butch which AA book is this from?


I found this app and it has served me well. Everyday is something new. It is like the 24 book.



Awesome thanks I’ll check it out!



Today’s Daily Calm is about staying with emotions, welcoming them in and recognising their impermanence. Ignoring, avoiding or burying emotions doesn’t make them go away or help us deal with them. Recognising them as temporary helps us to see them more objectively, I think this means not attaching a sense of self worth to them or allowing them to define us (i.e. I am sad and this makes me bad, I am happy and this makes me good).

This is an area of practice I am finding difficult to master, I find it difficult to accept negative emotions and not get carried away with positive ones.