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Thank you very much. Started day 7… all going well at present. Keeping busy decluttering the house… room by room! Drinking lots of water… hope your day is going well too. I’m in Brisbane Australia


Good morning everyone. It is a brisk 10 degrees outside and I am praying for warmer temps. Come on spring quit stalling. Have a great day hope it is warmer where you are.


From my friend at



“The past cannot be changed. The future yet is in your power.”


Good morning everyone.


Good morning



I NEED to remember this on my bad days…


Good morning


Good morning.


I love the tnought of the day. Thank you for posting these every day they are making me inch closer and closer to finally attend that first AA meeting.


She also talked about the idea of receptivity. If you throw a stone into a lake, there’s a splash and maybe some ripples, then it returns to its form.

It stays there in the sun, rain, wind, under the stars. It accepts whatever is going on around it and whatever is thrown at (or in!) it.


The hardest part of going to AA is walking in the first time. It is that unknown. Once you walk in you are greeted and become the most important person there. If you have any questions or concern message me I will do what I can to help.


Good morning.



Thank you. I’m going tomorrow at noon☺


Let me know how it goes. I am proud of you. I have been there and can remember how it was. Everyone in that room had to walk in that first time and they are understanding to that. You will be fine and it will get easier.


Good morning everyone.