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Good morning everyone.



Good morning everyone.



Good morning.


Good morning.


Good morning everyone.




Keep Sober and Carry.On.
Hand lettered print from my good friends at:


I really feel the AA though of the day. Also, you’re late today😉


Lol yes I was. Better late then never. Have a great day and I’m glad you find comfort in some of these readings.


I ran into a few more readings then normal. Have a great day everyone.


You too! I love these.


Good morning everyone. I hoping for a nap today. One of those night where I couldnt the mind to stop racing. I hope you all have a sober safe weekend.



Thanks @Butch. I read Paul’s letter to the corinthians at my mums funeral. It’s normally used for weddings but my dad wanted it read for mum. As for the one below it - this is so what I needed to read today and will be going in my journal for today x



This was the end of a quote which started something like, Come to me as your whole self with all your scars and I will tell you what I see.

The meditation was about wabi-sabi, a Japanese idea about accepting and embracing imperfection, it’s part of what makes things beautiful.

More info on wabi-sabi here:

@Kintsugi an explanation of your handle here too, what a lovely image :star_struck::sparkles:


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Good morning everyone.