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It’s one of my fave go to apps too :+1:t3:


Ive started reading “the dark side of light chasers” written by Debbie Ford- it was a new York Times Best seller apparently. The whole focus is on understanding and embracing our dark sides and fears. I am not far in, but it had exercises that go with it. You can read it on the Kindle app and it only cost me 1.99 .


I’m also a fan of Insight Timer. It has guided meditations as well as plain music and different timers you can use. It has global members and you can connect witj others all over the world.


Thx I will check it out. I think I have like 3 books going lol


Will check it out, thanks!




Good morning everyone.




Good morning.



Not been making time for my meditation this week, fallen into the trap of busyness! Anyway back to it this morning :person_in_lotus_position:

Today there was a kind of mantra, on the in breath think ‘I am’ and on the out breath think ‘home’. Really focusing on the breath and using it as an anchor. Whatever is going on in our lives we can ground ourself in our body and breath, making space and time to pause.







Hey @butch hope you’re all good, been missing the words of wisdom you share :slight_smile:

My meditation today was about thinking, how easy it is to get stuck in negative thought spirals that influence our emotions. We all have thoughts, but we aren’t defined by our thoughts. We can learn to look at our thoughts objectively and with interest, without being caught up in and swpet away by them. The purpose of meditation is not to stop having thoughts - they can be really wonderful - but to recognise them for what they are and allow them to pass without reacting to them emotionally, or taking control and popping the thoughts that don’t serve us like bubbles!


Bring non-reactivity to your closest relationships, to the people who you are closest with and also tend to display your most difficult emotional characteristics. Fostering openness, respect and compassion and deliberately bringing mindfulness to your interactions, using difficult emotions as a source of strength and growth.