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Good morning everyone. I hope you all have a fun, safe and sober weekend. Thanks for helping me stay sober.


Right back at ya😊


Good morning everyone.



I needed that one today. Thanks for sharing.


So last night I had one of those resentment mind racing could not sleep nights. I prayed and prayed for my mind to quiet so I could sleep. I also prayed for help in letting go of this resentment for good. I wake up to all these readings. I know it is a hard road to let go of the hurt caused by others especially when it was done on purpose for their benefit but holding onto that anger is only breaking me down not the other person. The resentment flared up at times but those times are getting further apart. So if you are struggling with anger and resentment keep working on it. It takes time and there is no magic pill, no quick fix and certainly no drug or alcohol that will fix it. Just time. Thx for reading have a great day.


Aww, I’m sorry you are struggling with that, I find myself going there sometimes and it is really ugly but self-awareness is key. Know that in time you will be free of those feelings and wonder why the hell you ever gave that person so much power (I’m guessing the ex):grimacing:


Yup. Just when I get a handle on that resentment she or her boyfriend find a new way to get that to flare up. Usually they do something that affects the kids. It will pass I will pray until it does. Thx


Two voodoo dolls coming up!:hugs:


Nice to be able to help you out for a change!

Keep putting one foot in front of the other my friend - I know you are making amazing progress. Each step you take takes you one step further away from the things that are trying to drag you down.


Well said thx.


Heck yeah that is the one thing Amazon does not sell lol.


I’m thinking of starting a business :thinking:


I have the perfect infomercial in my head too. Lol


My people will contact your people🤣


Good morning everyone.



Good morning everyone. I hope today is a great day for all of you.


Good day Butch. I hope all is better with you now my friend!:smile: