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Good morning.


Found this one on reddit at the subreddit r/NoFap. I thought it was a good one. I also recommend r/NoFap. It’s a good source for motivation, and other stuff, if you are battling porn and masturbation.


Glad you like them! Posting here helps keep me motivated to meditate more often too so win win :blush:



We can use moments of unexpected downtime to pause and reflect, rather than impatiently waiting for someone to turn up or for the next thing to happen. We can use these as opportunities to evaluate our values and beliefs and whether we are living up to them how we’d like to.


Good morning.


I needed this one today


Not necessarily recovery related, but in case you need a good cry this morning.


Awww that’s so sad but lovely!



The Dalai Lama was asked what surprised him about humanity and he said (something like) man works to earn money and then spends money to recouperate from the stress of work. We spend life worrying about the futur instead of enjoying the present. We end up living as if we will never die and then when we die having never really lived.

When we are distracted by thoughts about the past or future we can come back to the present moment with the breath.


Good morning everyone. I pray that today is a day of growth and a step closer to being happy joyous and free.


Just got back from a difficult afternoon at work. This really helped! :blush:


The meditation was about conflict with other people - it’s ok to take a pause and come back to a disagreement once our stress/adrenaline has died down. “A speech made in anger will be the best speech you ever regret”

I also think this can be applied to internal conflict. If there is a decision or situation we are struggling with it can be difficult to untangle our emotional response from our decision making process. Taking a short walk, some deep breaths etc and revisiting with a calm frame of mind is something I need to work on. For me it’s getting the right balance, making sure it is taking a short break and not just putting off making a difficult decision!


Good morning


Just put me down as a permanent ‘like’ on every one of your posts ~ Beautiful mind, heart & soul you have :hugs:


Ah that’s lovely thank you :heart:

Although I can’t take the credit as the meditations come from the Calm app. But they really help me so it’s nice to be able to share them!


Needed this today! When we are waiting for things outside of our control and we get impatient it is usually accompanied by something physical. Notice it, breathe into it, and let it go. Pick up the phone, put on the radio and sing along, take the opportunity to notice what’s happening around you. We have a choice about whether we get stressed out or not and how we react.


Thank you for the beautiful tip. Installing it now :hugs: