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Good morning everyone.



When we are meditating we can learn to recognise our thoughts. We can choose to not let them consume us (i.e. we don’t have to let the birds nest in our hair!).


Good morning all.


Thank you Butch for taking time out of your day Butch. Happy Friday :grinning:



The simple act of focusing on the breath can be transformational, helping us to create distance between our thoughts and emotions. It can help us look at the past differently - rather than reliving our stumbles and blunders with the same sense of shame/anger (etc) we felt at the time, we can look back in a more detached way. We might even feel grateful for being able to look back and take it as an opportunity to learn something about ourselves.


Today’s Daily Calm shared a story from Joseph Goldstein who was sitting on his bed trying to meditate. A cat came in and jumped on his lap. He got up and put it out of the room. The cat returned. He picked it up and put it outside. This continued for some time (there was no door to close). Eventually he lets the cat stay on his lap. After about 30 seconds the cat got up and walked out of the room.

Teachers come in many forms - when the student is ready the teacher will appear


Hahaha, omg… I :heart: this.

A fly followed me into the apartment this week. I spent fifteen minutes sporadically trying to catch it or swat it. To no avail. It never stopped, always buzzing around. I watched it for a while. Eyes went wide.

I walk over and open the front door. Bzz, it flew away. :relaxed:



No thank you needed though I appreciate it. It reminds me that I’m not alone in this.


You definitely are not alone Butch. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to post and be of service to others😀


Hear hear! Thanks for starting this thread @Butch. I love reading your posts and it helps motivate me to keep up with my meditation too! :+1::person_in_lotus_position:



Good morning everyone.




A reason to love Sia even more than I already do