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Many of us don’t learn how to deal with out emotions which can lead to destructive behaviours. Through meditation we can learn to take time, hold space and allow ourselves to feel, responding to ourselves with compassion and loving kindness.

A mantra for cultivating loving kindness:

May I be happy, may I be safe, may I be at peace :heart:️:peace_symbol:️


I wanted to post a rock video to illustrate how my meditation practice is going so far. As that would be counterproductive, I will instead thank you for this reminder and go try again. :v: :heart:






First day sober (tomorrow)

This is awesome! It reminds me to keep facing them and to get comfortable being uncomfortable. :grimacing: Thank you for posting this Sage


My desktop background on my work computer. Love this poet.


We are taught that some feelings are good and some are bad. We should think of them like clouds - notice their size, shape, speed, direction but not judge them. They are what they are. Noticing and understanding our feelings helps us to make better choices.


Good morning everyone


Good morning everyone.


This is about acceptance of where we’re at, not resisting how we’re feeling and working out how to get through it.



Good morning everyone.


Through meditation we make space in our brain for silence - helping us to order our thoughts, calm the chaos and plan our next move.






The importance of being present and focusing on doing one thing at a time. This is something I need to work on - avoiding the temptation to multi task. Divided attention rarely ends up being more efficient.

A breathing method to help concentration: really focus on one point of the breath where it feels strongest - chest, belly, area under nostrils where the air flows. Hold attention here. When attention wanders, count after each breath cycle (i.e. inhale, exhale, 1, inhale, exhale, 2) up to 3 or 4 which should help deepen concentration. Repeat!