Motivational Monday!



Well I had to have an emergency root canal yesterday and had 6 numbing shots and 1 steroid shot all on the same side of my mouth. He even bruised my face from it. So yea thats what happened yesterday!


Lol that was numbing gel


Oh damn! That sucks! But steroids?! I hope you hit the gym right after! :muscle::muscle:


Happy Monday!


Lol no, but it was sort of hard to fall asleep that night. I actually have to have another root canal tomorrow so everyone pray for me!



Love that message today, thank you! :heart_eyes:


So today I got the news that I have to have my wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow at 10am. Sucks. But the pain is so unbearable. I was on spring break with all 4 kids last week and in excruciating pain but thankfully I had pain meds to help, though after taking them for 2 weeks now bc of my two root canals I am just over it!