My 1st rehad in recovery


So i relapsed last night am just kinda empty…i had ten months and i threw it away over in a 3/4 house and i guess my roomate relasped,and i dont know what came over me…it was like i couldnt get my mind to stop.i didnt want too…i know relaspe happens,but am struggling with this…am just reaching out for something…someone…idk


AA helped me.


Realize the mistake and focus on how far you have come in your recovery. Don’t continue to use and get back on track. Thank you for your honesty. Honesty is huge in recovery. Don’t beat yourself up either. Dust yoyrself off and jump back on the wagon. You got this my friend. AA helps me too. I’ve made some great friends there that are always there for me.


I told on myself today…like idk i was kinda ashamed of everything and i didnt have people around that i thought i could trust…thats why i came here ,but then i thought about it and yeah i cant do this alone and all these people around me that can stand with me…cause everytime i try to do it alone i fall