My 7 Day checkin


My body is soar as hell. I’m fatigued… sometimes angry and irrititable… slightly depressed… but here I am, 7 days and SOBER.

One day at a time… see you at the next milestone!


Fuck yeah man! Your awesome! Keep on getting after it!


Keep going Jeffrey! You know you can.


Good stuff dude, :+1::star:
6 days 22 hours myself ,
so tired am gonna sleep soon! Early to bed an all that!


The first week is a big one. You are digging in and doing the work. Well done…


Keep getting after it.


First week! :tada:
Keep it going Jeffrey :facepunch:


Right here with ya! Congrats. Keep going! :heart:


good work man keep coming back :hugs::hugs::hugs:


All together!


I just got on my one month 2 days ago and feeling better everyday


Way to go, dude!! Keep up the good work!


Angry? Irritable? Slightly depressed?

Congrats!!! You are doing ok.
I mean that sincerely.
Early sobriety SUCKS but you are on the road to recovery and it gets so so so much better.

The Good news… Keep doing what you are doing and you never have to do those 7 days again.