My alcoholic brain is telling me to try a different drink

I’m on day 2 and my mind is telling me that it’s the type of alcohol I was drinking that is the issue and not me. I was drowning myself in wine and now I feel like trying something lighter like cider to drink instead and I’ll be able to manage that… I know this is madness but I’m still thinking about drinking, the only thing stopping me now is feeling physically good i.e not hungover!!

Maybe try going to AA or reading the big book? The first 5 chapters really speak to what alcoholism looks like. You might find some things you relate to.


Thanks… Will definitely need to get help, trying to soldier on alone is more difficult it seems…

It’s okay to tell your alcoholic brain to shut up.


Hahaha never considered that but you’re right, can be one more tool to beat the disease

Sadly, the alcoholism will make up all kinda shit. Fact of the matter is, alcohol is alcohol. Stay clean.

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Have you checked out the website (and book) ?

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@SoberSenze, this is exactly what I found myself doing for weeks. Constant mental battles. Sometimes I thought I was going nuts.
The thing is, for sometime you have been set in a certain way of life. You want to change that way of life, but the alcoholic in you is going to fight back. So you have to be stronger. It does get easier.


No but I’ll check it out. Thanks

I want to stay clean real bad

We all have ‘that’ voice in our heads that constantly makes the arguement of why or how we can go back to the addiction. I call it the addict within me and I have even given him his own name.

I constantly have that voice too, so I relate with what you’re saying. It’s not something you can apply reason or logic to. It will always find some arguement to make its case. Truly all roads lead to the same ending. I know from having relapsed several times.

See that voice for what it is. It’s part of the addiction - that’s all. Be the silent witness when it starts talking. Let it be. It will say it’s piece and move on and fade, and you can get on with your day.

A powerful piece of advice - you will never ever regret not drinking or doing drugs the next morning. So if you ever have a tough day or evening, go to bed early, read a good book, and accept the melancholy. You will be so happy when you wake up in the morning with a clear head, and full of energy.


Beautiful words… Thank you…

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I hate tea but might just give it a shot for the sake of sobriety, can’t have coffee because of insomnia :unamused: the struggle


The good news is that the voice does go away. When I first started to get sober all I thought about was getting high and drunk. Then about 40 days in all I thought about was not drinking and getting high. Then a few months later I was neither consumed by the obsession to drink, nor was I hyperfocused on not drinking. It simply became part of my life. Getting a sponsor and working the steps as allowed me a freedom I never knew existed


Our alcoholic brains are LIARS.


Followed the same timenline for me.

I was constantly obsessing with the drink don’t drink thoughts my first 45 days or so.

But at some point, things you do become a habit. And habits are habitual lol. It lessened and lessened the longer I stayed sober and worked the program, went to meetings.

At 555 days sober, the voice rarely speaks, but it does eyeball me from the dark at times. If I do what’s gotten me this far, I’ll stay sober today.

@SoberSenze keep struggling. It’s not going to last forever, but it’s strong as hell right now because it’s been well fed. The less you feed it by giving it what it wants the weaker it grows. Feed your spirituality instead, feed your creativity. Rekindle old flames with hobbies and things you loved to do before you had a problem.

Keep trudging, it does get better but only if you stay sober and allow it.


Hey there! It’s very normal to have this, especially on your first days! I had the same and I’m a weed addict. I wanted to smoke a cigarette on the 3rd day as a sort of replacement, but I didn’t smoke and didn’t surrender to those thoughts!" I’m a weed addict and not addicted to normal cigarettes/tabacco"… that’s what my mind was telling me ( I’m from Holland and here we mix and roll our joints with tabacco also, so I also had nicotine in my system everyday) Please don’t listen to that voice in your head! It’s fooling you! Stay strong and go take a good long walk at a forest or at the beach for example! Or take a nice bath, or meditate with some mindfullness or watch a good serie or movie! Just try to distract yourself when this is happening! But you got this, and it’s good that you’ve shared this with us! Hang on and stay strong! :+1::heart:

Thanks for all the responses family, I managed to shush the voice for today and I’m going to bed sober… Tomorrow it’s back to the fight

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Day 3! Here we come. Good job.

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