My attempt to a sincere apology of my run in addiction to my girlfriend

I sent her an apology, I mean we live in the same house but I felt like I said it a lot better through Facebook messenger and hopefully got my point across, finally after years of lying and years of straight bullshit, I feel horrible after everything and here is my attempt of really saying sorry

“When it comes to my addiction shelby I have told you the truth, all of it, And I promise on everything I won’t have to ever again,I have always lied to you, I have always asked you for forgiveness while keeping you at a distance, Because I wanted to keep you out of my demons and addiction that consumed me, But now I think if I just let you in, That you could have changed me As a father and lover and everything about me as well, If I had only came to you from the start, looked straight into those beautiful amazing eyes and told you the truth, Than maybe I wouldn’t be parenting along side you as a failure, telling you all of that…
But I want to impart this much truth to you, You don’t EVER have to forgive me,
And what ever you do from here on out know this,
No matter what I will love you always… “

She hasn’t even looked me after it

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Give her time. She needs to process. Actually writing it to her was best so that she CAN process it before reacting/responding.

Good luck.


Good share man. You just keep doing the next right thing that is put in front of you and you will be alright. She will see the change in you. You will see the change in you. It will take time to heal just like it to time to fuck everything up.

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Good move. Give it Time. The good thing is she can read it over and over if needed to process…a lot of times the things we say verbally don’t stick or get misinterpreted. I always prefer written messages of that type.

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