My boyfriend opened my eyes

My man has been sober from marijuana for 9 months and today he broke it because i broke mine. Ive restarted twice since oct 9. His words …“we’re gonna start over together” … he knew how proud i was/am of him being so strong and refusing when being offered. And i always felt like shit for being so weak to my doc.
This is it. I cried. But he definitely opened my eyes you guys.
Day 1 again.
I hate saying that.


I am day 1 as well from alcohol. I hate saying that too. But maybe we can embrace the fresh beginning. I feel low, I feel like a constant embarrassment. I worry I can’t have fun in the sober life but I also know that drunkenness isn’t the good life.
Here’s to next weekend feeling hangover free :slight_smile:

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I know it’s not the same… but i struggled with my weight for my entire life, still do. Every diet was broken by noon, etc… struggle doesn’t make you weak. Only giving up the struggle makes you weak.