My first day sober

My first day sober after a 2 year return to drinking. I’ve been sober for long periods of time in the past by choice. I never felt that my drinking was a problem and it may not have been then, but it is now. Once I have one glass of wine, it turns into a bottle.
I’ve kicked a small opiate problem a few years back and never thought about using again, never had a craving. I can’t seem to do that with alcohol. The urge sneaks up on me and once I start it is hard to stop. Thanks all for listening and keeping a great forum.


Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have the tools to do this. :purple_heart:

It’s my first day, too! We can do this :grin:

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I am glad we are both here!

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Happy you’re here. I’m on my second day. Keep it up.

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Today is day two for me and it has not been easy, I’m the same way once I start I can’t stop till A it’s all gone or B the store is closed because if it’s gone and the store is open I will go back for more and more. I wish you the best of luck in this the fact you have overcome so much just shows how much strength you have inside you :heart:️ you can do this :blush:


I’m in my office where I usually start my drinking day. We have a bar stocked with liquor and I am thanking my lucky stars that I do not drink liquor (my doc is wine). I am having a hard time NOT walking down to the store on the corner to grab a bottle of wine. That is going to be the hardest part for me.

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I understand completely the store is right next to my house it’s making it very difficult

To all of you, Hello. The truth is you have a fight on your hands. It will get bloody,because there will be things to face you may not want to. Jump in and take control of that AV and start putting life right. There is a lot of help here. You will be so glad you did. Great day to everyone.

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Welcome to the group and reach out as often as you need!

You have a fully stocked bar in the office… at work…?? Where do you work?? Heaven??

First day for me too! Every time “the little voice” starts I come here and read some more. Been doing that a lot today!

I had a full bar stock in my office at my last gig… all different liquors, mixers, wine, glasses, snacks. It was crazy! Everyone would come over at 4-5:00 each day and grab their cocktail and go back to work.

It seemed so great at the time, but was such a toxic environment. I’m so glad to be in a new workplace now!