My first post. 7 days today 😊

Hello everyone. This is my first post thank you all for welcoming me to your group. Today is day 7 for me and im struggling with how to stop looping in my mind all of the bad things that I did when I was drinking. Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with past mistakes so I can focus on moving forward and not looking back? Thank you, Stasha


Welcome! Congrats on a week! That is a tough one. For me the longer I am sober, and the more I live my life in new, meaningful, sensitive to others ways, the more I feel I am not the person who made those mistakes. I did the AA steps, and they really helped with all this.


AA and other structured programs are designed to help exactly with this. If i could not convey my guilt and remorse into positive action, I’d be sunk.

AA meetings also helped fill my time and gave me fresh ideas on what to do with myself.


Maybe try a meeting they will help wish you well


Welcome to TS and Congratulations on one week!

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I was someone who carried a large amount of guilt, shame and resentment into my sobriety. By attending AA and practicing the 12 steps I have learned how to deal with the wreckage of my past


Welcome Stasha. Congratulations on your 7 days.
That first week is tough.
Aside from working the steps which is a great idea. I guess time. Just like it takes time to earn peoples trust back. ODAAT it’s something we can’t rush. Now that I have more sober time under my belt I realize I’m not β€œthat person” anymore. Try and not be too hard on yourself and just take it a day at a time.


might seem like a huge leap of faith right now but at some point you could work the AA 12 step program as this looks at your whole life and the part you played in it and learning a better way. It’s early days for you atm but it’s always there if you need it in the future. Welcome and I wish you well on your journey :+1:


We often do awful things when we are under the influence of drugs and alcohol and so the longer we are sober the more we will realize, who we were then is not who we are now. There will come a time where we being to accept ourselves and in turn forgive ourselves. It takes time, it takes healing.

Many people find that healing through AA, some find it in other ways. Whichever way you choose, just know you are aren’t alone. Many of us have gone through this process and are willing to help you navigate it too.

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Hi @Stasha, welcome :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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I always had a problem trying to let go of my past. I still do till this day. But, you honestly gotta put behind because it could end up taking you back and i know you don’t want that. I had such a hard time putting my past behind me but i asked for help from my higher power and asked him remove and to help me heal from my past. you have entire future ahead you!


The further i get away from the nightmare that use to be my life in active use, the better things get, i can laugh at some of the completely stupid, dangerous an obnoxious things that ive done in the past. It helps to keep me from falling back into my old ways of thinking because lord knows i might not make it through the wringer again. I could have a relapse out there waiting, but not sure if i have another recovery left in me to spare, need take care of this one im working on now not let it get away from me. Good to see you here, take it easy 1step at a time.:grinning::+1: